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2014-02-28 14:28:06
Josh and Lisa M. Testimonial

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'We have referred to you by several different names over the last few months; amazing,  phenomenal, “like one of the family”, and ultra positive just to name a few. Please share our story with everyone so they understand what an amazing agent and person you are.

As you know, my husband is a AAA type personality. It’s safe to say that he is one of a kind and most people just don’t quite get him. He expects:

1. Perfection at every turn

2. Every single minuet request of his to manifest

3. Figures to add up to his liking (and his alone)

4. Ahem, and I quote, 'The whole package'

As you know, all of these expectations are always followed by NO excuses, ifs, ands, or buts. Just make it happen. It can be a rough gig sometimes, but its well worth it to me. Plus, I can honestly say that my life is NEVER boring.

            Because of my husband’s endless endeavor for perfection, we have been seriously looking for a home for about 4 years now. Yes, I said 4 years. We have probably viewed over 1,000 listings online and walked through over 100 homes. I really wish I were exaggerating. Lucky for you, you only had to show us the last 20 homes.

As you can imagine, while walking through all of these homes we met several different agents. My husband did not really care for any of them. We were always told to “settle” or “you won’t find everything you are looking for” or one of my favorites, “that home doesn’t exist.”

He was always especially turned off when an agent requested that he sign a contract for sole agent representation, believe it or not, sometimes before we even met the agent. Those same people would then ask for our email, put us on their mailing list, and profusely send out random home listings, none of which had our criteria. I hardly call that trying.

That’s where our relationship started. My husband was impressed that you were the first and only agent to send listings that met his criteria for homes that we were interested in buying.  It was like you were the only person who heard a word we said. So we set up a time to meet with you.

The home we met at was barely standing, a total renovation home. It was a lot more of a fixer upper than we were imagining. I remember we were extremely cautious walking up the swaying balcony stairs with falling boards and rusty obtrusive nails. I was frightened. In front of the home we laughed about how it wasn’t the right house for us and with a smile and confidence you stated, “It’s ok. The right home is out there for you, and we will find it.” You solidified it with a positive nod. I WAS BLOWN AWAY. Not only were you the only optimistic agent we had met, but you also shared your expertise and knowledge of things that I had not before considered about a home. And this wasn’t our first rodeo!

            Looking back, things moved fast, but it sure didn’t feel like it. I started to dread hearing the words “we have another house to go look at tonight,” while I was busy daydreaming about tying my husband to a chair. I never ever thought we would find the perfect home, in the perfect location, for the perfect price, with the perfect garage, perfect etc, perfect etc. Grrrr…. My hope was fading but you remained optimistic and boy o’ boy did we need that.

You always dropped anything and everything to meet up with us at quirky hours to view a home. It didn’t matter if you were exhausted that day or even if you were leaving town. There were a few times that you told us with a smile, “let me finish packing and I’ll meet you before I head out! I’ll see you in thirty minutes.” We always felt like we were your most important clients.

After years of looking, meeting different folks, and plenty of ups and downs, you finally helped us find the perfect house, and with the perfect deal to boot. I cannot believe the strings you pulled and the obstacles you had to overcome to make this happen-AND YOU PULLED IT OFF!

This all came together because of you. We are IN LOVE with our new home. We close in a few days and I am beyond ecstatic to move into our new beautiful “perfect” home.

So as I write this true story, and stress about all of the packing and cleaning that has to be done, my words cannot say enough. From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU for everything.' – Josh and Lisa M.

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